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2in1 Portable Vegetable Slicer Blender

2in1 Portable Vegetable Slicer Blender

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The 2in1 Portable Vegetable Slicer Blender is a product that can be used for slicing and blending vegetables. The blender has blades on both sides of the lid, making it easy to slice your favorite vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, or carrots. It also comes with a hand-held stick that you can use to blend up those veggies into delicious dips or sauces in seconds!

  • It is wireless so you don’t need to worry about a cable running around.
  • It’s perfect for chopping and slicing vegetables quickly, without the need for an additional appliance.
  • This product can slice, grate, and blend vegetables with just a few simple steps. It is easy to use and will be your go-to kitchen appliance.

Material: ABS+PP+AS+PC+stainless steel
Net weight: 438g
Size: About 18.5*13.1*93.8(cm)/7.28*5.16*3.68in
Battery capacity: 1200mah

What’s in the Box:
1x 2in1 Portable Vegetable Slicer Blender
1x Charging cable

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