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360 Degrees Panoramic Lens for iPhone

360 Degrees Panoramic Lens for iPhone

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Viper Panoramic lens is a new accessory that lets you easily capture 360° and “tiny planet” photos with one tap on your iPhone. It is a new snap-on camera for iPhone that turns your phone into a 360-degree camera.
Unlike camera attachments like the Insta360 ONE, Viper Panoramic Lens isn’t actually a camera in itself. It’s actually a clip that slides over your iPhone and places two super-wide-angle lenses over the front and rear cameras.
Instructions for Panoclip
1. Download the PanoClip app
Please scan the QR code on the instructions for Panoclip, or search “PanoClip” in the App Store to download the companion app.
2. Activate the app
Do not attach the device onto your iPhone before activating the app.
The first time you open the app, tap the icon on the Album page, and follow onscreen prompts to allow access to your iPhone. Scan Activation QR Code on the instructions for PanoClip to activate the app.
3. Set the app and take a picture
Open the “Switch Model” in the Settings and select the lens model you purchased.
After setting the lens model, tap the camera icon on the Album page.
Attach the PanoClip onto your iPhone so that the PanoClip can be detected(Ensuring the front and rear cameras are aligned correctly).
Then you can take a 360° panorama photo.
Tip: While shooting, tap the shoot button and keep your iPhone still (5 seconds) until your iPhone vibrates, indicating the shooting has been completed.
4. Share or save into the album
Share panorama picture: Real-time 360 video/photo sharing on Community, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat
You can share 360° Photo, Animation or Screenshot
If you want to share animation, you can choose different angles and music.
For example,360 pan to Tiny planet, Starry sky A, Starry sky B, Group photo, Sky, Away from Tiny planet, Couple, Tiny planet to 360 pan and 360 pan to Crystal ball.
1. Please keep your iPhone’s cameras and fisheye lenses clean. Avoid touching the lenses with your fingers.
2. As different protective case’s thickness varies, for iPhones with protective cases, please refer to the actual assembly and shooting effect.

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