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All-Angle Elegance 3X Magnification Wall Mirror

All-Angle Elegance 3X Magnification Wall Mirror

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This versatile and modern bathroom mirror is designed for the contemporary individual. With its sleek appearance, it not only enhances the aesthetics of your bathroom but also delivers unmatched functionality.

360° Rotation: Tailor the angle to your preference, ensuring optimal visibility for tasks like shaving, makeup application, or any other grooming routine.
Frontal HD & Reverse 3X Magnification: The high-definition frontal side provides a clear reflection, while the reverse side offers three times magnification for a closer and detailed view.
Space-Saving Design: Its wall-mounted design ensures it doesn’t take up unnecessary counter space, keeping your bathroom neat and organized.
Easy Installation: The adhesive backing allows for a secure fit on any wall surface, ensuring the mirror remains stable during use.

Elevate your daily grooming rituals with this cutting-edge bathroom mirror. Perfect for those who value precision and style!

Material: PP
Mirror Shape: Round
Size: 6 inch

What’s in The Box:
1x All-Angle Elegance 3X Magnification Wall Mirror

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