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Atom Foldable Wireless Charging Smart Phone Stabilizer

Atom Foldable Wireless Charging Smart Phone Stabilizer

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The Stabilizer completely reinvents the conventional 3-axis phone gimbals with its lightweight portability, rich functionality, and expanded APP extensions.
Foldable, Portable, and more careful.
With the foldable structure, we have reduced the size of the gimbal by more than half. This is the first time that a 3-axis mobile phone gimbal has appeared in such a portable form. With Stabilizer’s non-orthogonal unique structure, the side motor will not hit the bottom of the phone anymore and leaves the phone a large movement space.
A Mic Interface for Third-party Microphones.
When shooting video, there are also great requirements for live sounds, such as news interviews, live broadcasts, first-person recordings, and the like Stabilizer’s external mic function makes you no longer limited to the integrated mic of the mobile phone.
Super long battery life and mobile phone charging function.
Atom can provide a full 24-hour battery life. Atom’s wireless charging feature quickly and easily charges wirelessly powered phones. If your mobile phone does not support the wireless charging function, it also has the same line charging function.
Rich handle buttons.
ATOM’s handles incorporate a rich set of buttons that you can use to control almost all the functions of the PTZ and snoop app. Controlling shooting with the handle is more convenient because almost all operations can be done with one hand, instead of one hand holding the other hand to control the phone to shoot the app.
Small but powerful.
The stabilizer weighs only 440g (15.5 oz), so your arms won’t get so tired even after along shoot. Thanks to the Stabilizer’s unique structure, Stabilizer can reach a high payload of 310 grams which is presently the highest in the phone gimbal category, without the need to use larger and heavier motors and the body remains lightweight and compact size.


Color: Mystery Black
Working temperature: -10℃~45℃

Dimensions(W*D*H): Unfolded:123 x 73 x 297(mm) Folded:50 x 106 x 178(mm)

Bodyweight: 440g

Tilt axis mechanical rotation range: 330°

Roll axis mechanical rotation range: 330°

Pan axis mechanical rotation range: 360°(free rotation)

Static attitude tracking Error: ±0.05

Motion attitude tracking error: ±0.2

Mobile phone width range: 55-90mm (Make sure the phone’s width is within the tolerated range to get the best user experience.)

Mobile phone thickness range: ≤9mm (Make sure the phone’s thickness is within 9mm to get the best user experience.)

Max payload: 310g

Microphone jack type: 3.5mm TRRS

Support App: Yes

Action camera support: Yes, but need to mount with an adapter or mount directly onto the phone holder.

Battery Type: Li-ion SP26350 14.8Wh 2000mAh

Charging temperature: 5-40℃

Charging time: 3hours(charging power-10w)

Runtime: 24hours (Reference value on normal using condition.)

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