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Car Headrest Phone Holder Hook

Car Headrest Phone Holder Hook

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Most of us are familiar when you have to place the bags with the products on the next seat or the back seat and all the way to worry so that the contents of the products do not fall on the floor. After all, not everyone wants and can put bags in the trunk.

This problem has a simple and elegant solution and this solution is a car transmission hook. In it, you can hang bags, sacks, briefcases, and even use it as a phone holder. Please note that the hook is attached to the metal supports of the headrest of the front seat of the car, with locks. In cases of uselessness, carefully removed under the headrest. Suitable for any type of car and supports a weight of up to 10 kg.

Advantages of car hanger hook:

  • -Rationally distributes the space of the car to store things;
  • -The hook does not cause difficulties when installing, does not require special tools;
  • -Easy to use for the car;
  • -Has a lightweight but durable design;
  • -The hook is made of quality material;
  • -Suitable not only for packages but also for bags and umbrellas;
  • -Can be used as a phone holder ;
  • -Aesthetic appearance;
  • -Can be used in any type of car;
  • -A useful accessory for those who want things to be in their designated places, even in the car.


Material: abs plastic + silicone

Dimensions (lxwxh): 120x55x32mm

Package Included:

1 x hook with phone holder

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