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Car Reflective Anti-Static Exhaust Belt

Car Reflective Anti-Static Exhaust Belt

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Using screws to fasten on the exhaust pipe of the car, electrostatic discharge, also has a very good decorative effect.Up to about 35cm/13.78in, extended to the ground, allowing static electricity to be removed more thoroughly.

  • The role of this night’s reflective warning.
  • Exquisite workmanship, exquisite, practical, diversified materials, is definitely your most intimate high-end equipment.
  • Prevent static friction due to air drying and ground vehicles, effectively eliminate static electricity and ensure that high voltage discharge does not occur.

Name: Electrostatics
Vehicle warning
Size: about 35cm/13.78in
Material: Rubber metal

Installation method:
1. In the car exhaust pipe, you can find the part that needs to be installed.
2. Adjust the screws to the proper position and install them on the exhaust pipe.
3. According to different models, with strong initial ability, you can adjust the length of the electrostatic belt. Put it in your trailer at the rear, both beautiful and safe.

Packing List:

1*anti-static reflective tape

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