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Disposable Practical Ashtray Odor Removal Clean Air Sand Gel

Disposable Practical Ashtray Odor Removal Clean Air Sand Gel

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Environmental protection, no need to clean one bag at a time / no need to unpack, it will dissolve in water

One-time smoke-killing balm ashtray, smoke-killing and deodorizing/adsorbing soot/clean and environmentally friendly

Enjoy the natural fresh air release negative ions/fresh air/healthy smoke-free life

Applicable scenes can be used in various scenes, non-toxic and tasteless, with aroma


1. Open the packaging bag and take out the disposable smoke-killing balm ashtray

2. Add water to the water injection line

3. Soot cream quickly absorbs a lot of water

4. Finally, a colloid is formed, which emits a non-toxic and harmless fragrance

5. The unfinished cigarette will not be extinguished when placed on the sponge section of the cigarette butt, and it can also absorb the soot to prevent the soot from flying.

6. Finally throw it directly into the trash can, which is convenient and sim



Product name: Disposable smoke-killing balm ashtray

Product ingredients: polymer materials, spices, etc.

Product features: absorb soot, quickly extinguish smoke, remove smoke odor

Product specifications: 30 packs/can

Scope of application: various smoking places such as homes, offices, meeting rooms, hotels, bars, KT, and Internet cafes.

Package Included:

30* Sand

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