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Easy Care Silicone Gel Foot Protector

Easy Care Silicone Gel Foot Protector

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Looking for a way to protect your feet and keep them comfortable throughout the day?

The Easy Care Silicone Gel Foot Protector is the perfect solution! With its soft and flexible silicone gel material, this foot protector can be easily worn with any type of shoe to provide added cushioning and support.

And thanks to its easy-care design, it can be quickly and easily cleaned and reused. So whether you’re suffering from foot pain or simply looking for added comfort and protection, the Easy Care Silicone Gel Foot Protector is a perfect choice. Order yours today and step into comfort!

  • Top-class silicone material with great flexibility. with holes, breathable without stickiness.
  • Reduce the friction between toes during walking and running.
  • Soft for comfortable wearing. Can effectively alleviate pain and prevent malformation of the toes.
  • For Bunions, Blisters, Stubbed Toes, Crossing Toes, Corns and Calluses recovery.
  • Arbitrary cutting length


“Material : Silicone Gel
Color: white, skin
L: about 2.4*6cm, thickness 0.2cm
M: about 2.4*4.2cm, thickness 0.2cm
S: about 1.7*4.3cm, thickness 0.2cm

What’s in the Box:

1 x Easy Care Silicone Gel Foot Protector


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