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Elegant Smart Electric Automatic Drink Dispenser

Elegant Smart Electric Automatic Drink Dispenser

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The electric wine decanter is suitable for standard red and white wine bottles, not for champagne bottles/spiral bottles/beer bottles…

[Unique photo oxygen and automatic oxygen] — 30 bubbles per second to enhance aroma and flavor. The wine decanter pourer nozzle process provides more air contact surfaces and oxidizes faster than any other similar product.

[Simple OPERATION & Self-cleaning]-Just insert the wine nozzle and press the button on the top to deliver the perfectly aerated wine directly to your glass. After finishing, just rinse 3 bottles of water to quickly inflate the combination.

[Your premium gift] – – – This gift for wine lovers is perfect to put in your wallet, bag or drawer. Use it as a perfect Christmas gift, an office secret Santa gift or a white elephant gift for friends or family.

[No drip, suitable for most people] – – – No need to worry about stains and how to match your wine. Your Hurrikane wine air decanter is suitable for all kinds of bottles.

Features and principles:
1. Breakthrough the surface of the red wine and bring out more flavor molecules in the red wine.
2. Bring more oxygen into contact with red wine.
3. The magnet design makes the tannins in the red wine that have passed the magnet better mellow.
4. The red light has a long wavelength, strong penetration into red wine, and promotes red wine oxidation.
1. Please clean before use

2. The silicone tube only needs to be installed gently, do not install too hard

Size: 16.5×11.5×6.0cm
Material: ABS, silicone
Battery capacity: 1500mAH
Battery: Built-in lithium battery 18650, 3.7V
Power: 3W
Function: Oxygenated wine aeration, a new theory of magnetic wine aeration, red light helps wine breathe
Charging time: 3-4 hours to fully charge
A fully charged state can meet the sobering use of about 60-80 bottles of 750ml red wine.
Package Included: 1 x Elegant Smart Electric Automatic Drink Dispenser
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