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Handmade LED Romantic Town Wall Art

Handmade LED Romantic Town Wall Art

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This handmade LED romantic town wall art is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys arts and crafts. The project is easy to make but looks great on your walls! It’s a beautiful way to communicate with teenagers or adults and would be the perfect project for spending time with someone you love.

DIY: It comes with parts; need to assemble DIY. The assembly is suitable for people older than 14 years, a great way to communicate with teenagers or adults, and the perfect project for spending time.

EXCELLENT DESIGN: Materials are of good quality, the furniture and other wooden pieces are precisely cut so that they fit together correctly. LED light, plants, ornament, furniture are quite realistic and cleverly designed.

PERFECT GIFT: A perfect gift and collectibles for those who enjoy crafts and miniatures, the box itself looks like a present – very nice looking! You could do it by yourself to make the gift more meaningful. It might be challenging for a first-time builder, but you will get joy after you have finished it.


  • Size: 13x10x20 cm
  • Material: Wood, cloth, paper, resin

Package Includes:

1 x DIY house kit

1 x Dust Proof

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