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Intelligent Security Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

Intelligent Security Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

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Your fingerprint is the key to your home. This automatic intelligent lock uses video surveillance and fingerprints for unlocking purposes. Fingerprint unlock. With this, you can ensure that your family and possessions are safe from intruders as long as the door stays locked. The product is an automatic intelligent lock with video surveillance for added security and a fingerprint unlock to ensure no one can get in without permission.

  • The Intelligent Security Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock is a high-tech security device that will keep your home safe for you and your family. With the fingerprint scanner, it’s easy to unlock with just one touch.
  • This product is a security door lock that can be opened with your fingerprint, WeChat password. 6-digit password. Support anti-peeping password; you can add any number before and after the correct password. The temporary password can be obtained remotely using a mobile phone, suitable for visitors or part-time workers. Support IC card unlocks; if you lose the card accidentally, remember to delete its information, so it will not be used to unlock.

  • The new upgraded stainless steel lock body, safe, convenient, and comfortable. Zinc alloy panel + copper lock cylinder is difficult to destroy by violence.
  • It is equipped with an HD video sensor, 140° super wide-angle camera, unobstructed view of the situation outside the door. Fingerprint module integrated into the handle 15° angle. Hold the handle, place your thumb on the fingerprint and unlock easily.
  • It is suitable for metal doors, wooden doors, and other doors. It has a doorbell function and a camera and a screen. You can see the situation outside the door through the screen when someone is outside the door.
  • The inner panel has a quick opening and closing buttons, which can automatically unlock/lock by pressing the key. At the same time, the inner panel is equipped with a manual handle for emergency use.


  • Fingerprint capacity: 100
  • IC card capacity: 100
  • Cylinder level: C level
  • Password: 100 groups
  • Working voltage: DC 6.9V~8.4V
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Color: black/gold

Package Includes:

1 x fingerprint door lock

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