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Mobile Gaming Kit

Mobile Gaming Kit

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1. Need download the official version of PUBG Game
2. Do not use any auxiliary plug-in (including physical plug-in, macro mouse)
3. Don’t play PUBG game with who use the auxiliary plug-in
4.Not only supports Android Mobile also support IOS mobile and IPAD.
5.This product do not support the “MediaTek” made mobile such as the Redmi Note 8 Pro mobile and ISO version 13.4 mobile and Ipad. OPPO: A59s,A83,A79,A1,A3,R9,R7,R15, A7x,F9, Realme 2

Huawei: Y6 NCE-AL00/AL10, Honor V9 , HONOR 7
XIAOMI: Play, Redmi6,redmi note 4.
Meizu:V8,Pro7 plus,Mxs

When u want to play the game, pls. plug all mouse, keyboard and converter, pls. adjust the right mode as below first.

1. Connect the adapter as shown below: (The phone can be charged without charging when the phone is not powered)
2. for Android phone:
Press the keyboard “ctrl+1” to adjust the right mode to connect with your phone.
for iPhone:
Press the keyboard “ctrl+2” to adjust the right mode to connect with your phone.
3.Search the shooting plus v3 APP, then
install the shooting plus v3 APP on your phone, pls. noted the Android Apple corresponds to different versions. Don’t make mistakes with Bluetooth. Android phones and Apple phones are different Bluetooth, after downloading the APP, pls. updated the APP first.
Android phone:
the Android version of Bluetooth “shooting plus v3a” APP to set your play game way.
download the Apple version of the Bluetooth “shooting plus v3i” APP to set your play game way.
4. Click on the game you want to play in the app, download the preset button to crtl+F1 or crtl+F2, etc., then press the corresponding button on the keyboard. For example, if you choose crtl+F1, then the keyboard Press crtl+F1. This key will correspond to your game.
Let’s start the game below.

How to Set up the shooting key and mouse Sensitivity?

1. Connect all converter, mouse and keyboard.
2. After set up the ” shooting plus v3a”(for Android) or ” shooting plus v3i”(for iPhone)
APP, pls. open it.
3. Then follow the point to Set Up the shooting key step by step, then u could play the shooting game as your habit.
4. Open the game, then could find the upper left corner has shown a small APP, click the APP twice to open it, then u could see a parameter,pls. slide that Slide icon to set up the mouse sensitivity, then save it, you will find your mouse sensitivity is very good.
“Full set” version include “mouse+keyboard+converter”.


Item Type: Bluetooth keyboard converter

Model: SH-P5

Rated voltage: DC4.7-5.5V

Working current:<30mA(Single working current)

Rated frequency:<8M

Package Include:

1X Bluetooth keyboard converter

1X USB Cable

1X Keyboard and mouse set

Interface: USB
Certification: CE
Keyboard Connection: Wired
Model Number: SH-P5
With Multimedia Function Keys: No
Mouse Connection: Wired
Optical Resolution: 2400 DPI
Rated voltage: DC4.7-5.5V
Working current: <30mA(Single working current)
Rated frequency: <8M
Compatible with 6: IPAD Andriod And Apple IOS System

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