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OBD Car Digital Super Clear Head-up Display

OBD Car Digital Super Clear Head-up Display

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*1. Speed, scale, water temperature, voltage, fuel consumption, clock, single conversion distance, single conversion time, overspeed alarm, engine failure alarm, fault code elimination, water temperature alarm, scale alarm, shift reminder, voltage alarm, public Mile switch, fatigue driving reminder, automatic and manual brightness adjustment.

*2. The display mode can be switched freely, supports hybrid power, and the display effect of automatic start and stop is very clear.

*3. The speed can be switched to kilometers KM and miles MPH.

*4. The font is bold and the LED light is highlighted.

*5. Cars with OBD2 interface.

HUD screen function introduction:

1. Variables: display the engine speed status, the bright scale represents the speed reached

2. Speed: current speed

3. Unit symbols: ℃-temperature, V-voltage, MPH-mile, KM/H-km

4. Engine speed icon

5. Photosensitive element: the brightness of external light is automatically adjusted

6. Battery voltage: when the battery voltage is lower than the set value, it lights up the alarm

7. Vehicle water temperature: when the water temperature is higher than the set value, it lights up the alarm

8. Speed icon: If it exceeds the set speed, it will flash an alarm to remind

9. Enter system settings


Name: L8

Dimensions: 131 * 85 * 14mm

Environmental temperature: -30℃_85℃

Power supply voltage: 12-36V

Product features: practical functions


1 * HUD

1 * USB cable

1 * Anti-skid pad

1 * User manual

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