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Party Gecko Solar-Powered Car Lamp

Party Gecko Solar-Powered Car Lamp

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The driving warning function automatically opens The Built-in high-sensitivity vibration sensor and the photosensitive system, while traveling in low light conditions, self-flashing.

Intelligent shutdown system: 14 feet single-chip circuit, dual-loop control, there is a delay of the system, stop and wait for the red light to continue flashing, parking or body without vibration automatically shut down after 120 seconds

High-sensitive LED lights, waterproof, solar charging. Strong absorption of sunlight for 3 hours can be used normally for 3-5 days, and 15 hours of intense sunlight can be used normally for 15-20 days.

No wire connection: Just turn open the bottom of the product can be firmly bonded to the roof.


special function: Car exterior decoration atmosphere light

shape: gecko

color: sliver

Voltage: 12V/24V

Item Weight: 100g

Item Type: Strobe Light

For Vehicle Brands/Model: Universal

What’s in the Box:

1 x Party Gecko Solar-Powered Car Lamp

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