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Portable Mini Desktop Humidifier Air Cooler Fan

Portable Mini Desktop Humidifier Air Cooler Fan

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This cooler fan and humidifier add moisture to the air and doubles as an air cooler fan in the summer to keep you cool. The portable humidifier and air cooler fan can help you achieve a comfortable room temperature and humidity level in a short period.

  • The air cooler also has a small water tank to humidify the air.
  • This portable air cooler humidifier is also great for travel.
  • This portable air cooler humidifier is easy to use. Just fill the water tank, plug it into an outlet, and breathe cool, wonderful-smelling air.
  • Enjoy cool, clean air anywhere; home, office, camping, garden…
  • Fill with water, plug it into any standard wall outlet or USB port and enjoy.
  • This fan and humidifier make it perfect to use throughout the night for a comfortable sleep.
  • Lightweight & even convenient for travel. Great for outdoors too.
  • Built-in LED mood light can be set to any of its 7-color options, set to the color-cycle mode, or turned off with the touch of a button.
  • Optionally set one of 3-speed settings.


Material: ABS+PC

Size: 170 x 160 x145mm

Weight: 860g

Power Supply Mode: USB or AC Current Supply (Without Conversion Plug)

Power Interface: USB Interface – 5V, 2.1A

Power: 8W

Air Volume: 50 CFM

Water Tank Capacity: 375ml

Endurance Time: 10h

Package Includes:

1 x Air Cooler

1 x USB Line

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