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Retro Illuminated Keyboard

Retro Illuminated Keyboard

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The back of the keyboard is designed with multiple water guide holes, which can quickly drain the liquid flowing into the keyboard and avoid damaging the circuit.The keyboard has a laser-engraved character design, the font does not fade, and the keys have a long lifespan, which eliminates problems such as stuck keys, collapsed keys, and key failures, so it is especially suitable for users who write more on the computer or enjoy the sense of percussion.

This keyboard is equipped with 2 multi-media function keys, and when used with the FN key, it will bring convenience to your work or study.

Made of high-quality ABS and metal materials, the keyboard has a comfortable and scientific key design, which is not only dustproof but also easy to clean. In addition, the concave design on the surface of the floating keycap fits the curvature of the finger belly, so that you will not get tired after long-term use.

The length of the product is 43.8cm, the width is 13.1cm, and the height is 3.35cm.


Material: ABS,Metal
Supply Voltage: 4.5-5.5V
Keys Quantity: 104 Keys
Waterproof Function: Life Waterproof
Light Mode: Colorful
Display Port: USB2.0
Size Details:
Size: 43.8cm x 13.1cm x 3.35cm/17.24″ x 5.16″ x 1.32″ (Approx.)
Cable Length: 150cm/59.06″ (Approx.)

Package Included: 1 x Retro Illuminated Keyboard

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