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Semi Automatic Adjustable Screwdriver Set

Semi Automatic Adjustable Screwdriver Set

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It is made of chromium-vanadium alloy steel, strong and durable. It is small and portable and can be placed in your toolbox. Press the handle, and the screwdriver rod will automatically rotate, achieving the effect of tightening or loosening the screw faster than other screwdrivers.

Easy disassembly and assembly: Simple self-locking type, pull back the lock shell to open the lock, insert the bit to lock the bit easily.

Semi-automatic screwdriver: These spiral ratchet models are easier to wear on your wrist, allowing your wrist to rest.

Adjustment switch and comfortable handle: It has a comfortable grip, convenient and practical, three adjustment modes of loose, tight, and fixed, easy to use. This screwdriver has a wide range of uses, which can be used for car repair, home appliance repair, site repair, etc.

5-in-1 Screwdriver: There are five replacement bits. 5-in-1 ratchet screwdriver set is suitable for DIY, home repair, outdoors, and meets your multi-purpose needs. Store all included bits inside the handle, easy to carry.

Material: Alloy Steel, PP
Handle color: Red, Yellow
Weight: 144g (red), 124g (brown)
Length: 29*217mm (wood handle), 34*220mm (plastic handle)

Package included:
1x Push-pull Ratchet Screwdriver
5*Replaceable Heads

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