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Skull Scary LED Night Light

Skull Scary LED Night Light

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Made from lightweight and sturdy handcrafted Polyresin that captures exact anatomic detail to make the piece resilient and macabre.

Can be used as seasonal Halloween table décor or to adorn a year-round gothic curio cabinet.

This skull is a versatile ghoulish piece that is sure to be a show (or life) stopper.

Spine-chillingly realistic with a grim grin, this skull looks like it was freshly dug up from a graveyard. Use as décor for any number of events from Halloween parties to masquerade balls to hamlet reenactments!

Product name: Skull Wall Lamp
Product size: 9.2*6.5*15cm
Product material: resin + electronic components
Light: warm white light 3000K
Voltage: 4.5V-DC
Power: 0.4W

Package Included: 1 x Skull Scary LED Night Light

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