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Smart Laser Rangefinder Tape Measure Tool

Smart Laser Rangefinder Tape Measure Tool

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Laser tape measure, which has only one button, is convenient to use for various measurements like room size, window height and furniture size. There are 2 modes of measurement that it can be done based on the front or the tail of the laser measure, satisfying the needs of free measurement and edge measurement.

High accuracy and wide range: Double Laser transmitters of the laser measurement tool ensure a series of complex measurements within 0.2 seconds and the measurement data is stable and the error will be limited to 1/16 inch. The measurement range is from as near as 0.16ft to as far as 98ft. Moreover, the laser measure laser is a class Ⅱ laser that is safe for humans.

Various functions with the App: The digital tape measure can connect to mobile phones by Bluetooth, expanding the functions in App such as data storage notes, floor plan mapping and real-life measurement. And it is convenient to switch the measurement units among M/Ft in App.

Size: 11.8*10.2*3cm
Measurement Accuracy: 2mm
Power Type: Rechargeable
Display Screen: OLED Display

Package Included:
1x Smart Laser Rangefinder Tape Measure Tool

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