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Super Absorbent Car Wiping Rag

Super Absorbent Car Wiping Rag

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The Super Absorbent Car Wiping Rag is perfect for your car! Water-absorbent cleaning towel, 6-10 times the water absorption of ordinary towels. Clean your glass without leaving behind lint and streaks, making your car cleaner and more comfortable. The microfiber towels have a variety of uses such as cleaning glass, wood, plastic, polishing metal. The super absorbent effect not only makes you clean and comfortable but also reduces workload. A must-have for every car owner.


1. Home textiles (leave no scratches or residual dust after wiping);

2. Glass cleaning materials;

3. Furniture cleaning materials;

4. Cleaning materials for metal jewelry;

5. Car cleaning materials (no scratches left after wiping;

6. TV, computer screen cleaning materials (to remove dust, anti-static);

7. Floor cleaning materials;

8. Kitchen cleaning materials (rags);

9. Toilet cleaning materials;

10. Water-absorbent cleaning towel (warp-knitted, weft-knitted), wipe after absorbing water after washing;

11. Absorb water to wipe the towel;

12. Beauty cleaning materials absorb the residual dirt in the pores.


Do not scratch the object: suitable for cars, optical instruments, computers, etc.

Water absorption: The water absorption of this product is 6-10 times that of ordinary towels.

Service life: 3-5 times that of ordinary towels.

Detailed maintenance: especially suitable for wiping car dashboard cushions.

With decontamination and dust cleaning function: After using this product to wipe the oil and dirt, it can be removed by general washing methods, leaving no traces on the surface. Use it to clean the glass without lint on the surface, making your car more smooth and cleaner comfortable.


Size: 30X30cm/30X40cm/30X60cm

Color: one side is gray, and the other side is yellow

Material: Fiber

Suitable models: universal

Thick: 500GSM/600GSM/850GSM

Package Includes: 1 x Super Absorbent Car Wiping Rag

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