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Universal 200X Zoom Phone Lens

Universal 200X Zoom Phone Lens

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This microscope is used in a matching form with a clip, and the magnification is about 200x, which can be suitable for most mobile phones on the market.

2. Multi-layer broadband coating on the entire surface, good definition, designed according to F1.8 aperture, stronger compatibility, and the lamp is on for more than 1 hour.

Ultra-high-definition portable mobile phone magnifying glass, especially suitable for shooting flowers, insects, and miniature living objects, and also used for basic experimental detection.


  • Equivalent focal length: 45mm
  • Exit pupil diameter: 2.3mm
  • Optical distortion: <4.5%
  • Standard definition of focusing distance: 10-11.4mm (The best shooting distance is about 10.95 from the first glass of the lens)
  • Focusing distance product shape definition: 3.6-5mm (the best shooting distance is 4.57 from the outer surface of the product)
  • Number of lenses: 4 elements in 4 groups
  • Magnification: about 200x
  • Lens aperture: F1.8
  • Lens coating: Multilayer
  • Lens material: aluminum
  • Product material: Pc
  • Clamping distance: about 40mm from the edge of the phone
  • Battery capacity: 30mah
  • Charging interface: Micro usb
  • LED brightness: 6 LED light guides, one level of brightness
  • Light on time: about 100 minutes, flashes when the battery is exhausted
  • Color temperature of lamp beads: 6000~6500k
  • Switch control: Hall sensor (magnetic control)
  • Charging indicator: red light when charging, green light when fully charged
  • Charging time: about 60 minutes
  • Working time:2-4 hours

Package Contents:

  • 1* phone lens
  • 1* USB data cable
  • 1* wipe
  • 1* manual
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