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Woodwork Ultimate Layout Edge Ruler Tool

Woodwork Ultimate Layout Edge Ruler Tool

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The secret of a T-shaped ruler is a series of precision-machined index holes and spring-loaded, Close tolerance indexing pins that mesh with them. The pin snaps into place, giving you confidence that it is positioned accurately. This latest precision scale can provide unparalleled precision for your panel layout work. Just press the head to the desired angle, and then press the straight line.

Unparalleled precision: The head can be adjusted from 0 to 70 and fixed every 5 (+22-1 / 2 and 67-1 / 2), in order to provide you with an accurate reference angle and length respectively. Both edges of the blade are laser engraved with an inch scale of 1/32 inch. Increment. The total cumulative error of the scale over the blade length is .004″. The thin satin-finished stainless steel blade is easy to read and minimizes parallax errors.
The perfect layout tool for woodworking: even if you don’t use angles, this is also a layout tool. Almost all projects can be completed. The saw blade has the same special teeth. Design line notches were found in our new stainless steel precision woodworking grid. There is a notch every sixteen inches on the entire blade. Just place the pencil in the notch and slide the head along the edge of the stock to get a perfect parallel line.

Material: metal
Color: silver
Size: 10 inches, 15 inches, 20 inches
Weight: about 300g, 320g, 350g
Measuring range: 0-70 degrees
Measurement accuracy: 1mm
Type: Angle ruler

Package Included:
1x Woodwork Ultimate Layout Edge Ruler Tool

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