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Blue Blast Pro Large Flame Welding Gun Lighter

Blue Blast Pro Large Flame Welding Gun Lighter

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  1. Keep lighters containing pressurized flammable gas away from children.
  2. Avoid piercing, discarding, or throwing lighters into fire.
  3. Use lighters in well-ventilated areas and be cautious around flammable materials.
  4. Don’t allow flammable substances near the fire outlet to prevent accidents.
  5. Identify the fire outlet and follow the correct ignition method for different types of lighters.
  6. Regularly clean the fire outlet to ensure proper ignition.
  7. When not in use, tightly cover the lighter to prevent gas leakage.
  8. Avoid using lighters for more than 1 minute to prevent skin burns from high temperatures.
  9. Keep lighters away from high temperature environments and direct sunlight.
  10. In high-altitude conditions above 3000 meters, use open flame lighters instead of windproof or impact lighters.
  11. Understand the positions of outlets, presses, air inlets, and flame regulators for manual lighters.
  12. Use only qualified butane gas to avoid damaging the lighter or reducing its lifespan.

This Welding Gun Lighter is a powerful and efficient tool designed specifically for welding applications. With its large flame, this lighter provides an intense and focused heat source, making it perfect for welding tasks that require precision and control.

This features a sturdy construction, ensuring durability and reliability even in tough working conditions. Its ergonomic design allows for comfortable grip and easy handling. Whether you’re a professional welder or a DIY enthusiast, the Blue Blast Pro Large Flame Welding Gun Lighter is an essential tool that will help you achieve accurate and efficient welding results.


Material: Metal

Technics: Lacquer

weight: 160G

SIZE: 173*33MM

property 1: Unusual lighters

property 2: kitchen lighters

property 3: smoking accessories

property 4: gas lighter

What’s in the Box:

1 x Blue Blast Pro Large Flame Welding Gun Lighter

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