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Intelligent Toilet Quick Auto Flush Sensor

Intelligent Toilet Quick Auto Flush Sensor

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The Intelligent Toilet Quick Auto Flush Sensor is a state-of-the-art technology designed for optimal hygiene and convenience.

This advanced sensor automatically detects when the toilet is used and instantly triggers a flush, eliminating the need for manual operation. It’s an ideal choice for individuals who prioritize cleanliness and hands-free operation. Its quick response mechanism ensures swift flushing action, reducing water usage and promoting environmental conservation.



Flushing Method: Siphon Flushing

Flushing Flowrate: 3.0-6.0L

Feature: Automatic Operation

Material: ABS

Mix. Pit Spacing: 185mm

Accessories: Flush Pipe Component

Weight: <20KG

Buffer Cover plate: Yes

Remote Control: Included

Power: Battery

What’s in the Box:

1 x  Intelligent Toilet Quick Auto Flush Sensor

Drainage Pattern: P-Trap

Advanced Function: Remote Control

Flushing Button Type: Upper-pressing Two-end Type



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