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180 Degree Motorcycle Blind Spot Mirror

180 Degree Motorcycle Blind Spot Mirror

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1. This is a parabolic mirror that is mounted in the center in front of a motorcycle/scooter within the rider’s line of sight forward.

2. Due to its mounting position within the pilot’s forward line-of-sight, it makes it much more obvious to the pilot when a potential hazard area enters the blind spot, side-mounted wide angle blind spot mirrors.

3. Furthermore, this central mounting position allows the pilot to check his / her blind spot without even having to take your eyes off what is in front of you. As you look at it everything in front of you stays in your peripheral vision.

4. A continuous curve gives the horizontal pilot 180-degree horizontal coverage.

5. Vertical curve gives a fantastic view. Keeps the road, traffic and rider pictured even when the bike is leaning into a curve. Because of these curves, sunlight reflection is also not a problem and in no way impedes the rider or his visibility. 



Name:Motorcycle Windshield Wide Angle Rearview Mirror

Material: ABS+Chrome, Durable, Not Easy to Break, or Scratch, or Leave Stain

Mirror Color: Clear

Type:Rearview Mirror

Special: 180 degree wide angle vision, HD Convex Mirror


What’s in the Box:

1 x 180 Degree Motorcycle Blind Spot Mirror


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