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20in1 Ultimate Tech Cleaning Tool Set

20in1 Ultimate Tech Cleaning Tool Set

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[Electronic Cleaning Kit]: 20 in 1 Electronic Cleaning Kit: 1. Product Storage Box 2. Large Cleaning Brush 3. Screen Cleaning Cloth 4. Dust Collector Blow (for camera surface dust treatment) 5. Air Blow Extension Short Rod 6. Accessory Extension Rod (for extension of accessory handle) 7. Screen cleaner 8. Small hard bristle brush 9. Small soft bristle brush 10. Puller 11. Card reader 12. Key extractor 13. Small elbow brush 14. Earphone compartment cleaning pile 15. Earphone brush 16. Cleaning pen tip 17. Soft bristle short brush 18. Earphone charging compartment brush 19. Camera screen brush 20. Air blowing extension rod

Keyboard cleaning kit: The key cap extractor can remove the key cap for easy cleaning, and the shaft extractor can help replace damaged bearings.

[Cleaning kit]: a metal head for cleaning gaps and stains, a high-density brush for headphones and phone networks, and a flocked sponge for cleaning the charging box holes of earplugs.

【 Computer cleaning kit 】: The screen electronic cleaning kit and computer cleaning kit are suitable for cleaning dust and stains on the screens of mobile phones, cameras, and laptops



Features 5: Cleaning Tools

Features 4: Screen cleaning

Features 3: Earphones Cleaning Pen

Features 2: Computer Keyboard Brush

Features 1: Cleaner kit

Package Included:

1 x 20in1 Ultimate Tech Cleaning Tool Set


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