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360 Car Dashboard Phone Holder

360 Car Dashboard Phone Holder

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This phone holder can be used on a car dashboard, rearview mirror, sun visor. Whether requiring non-blocking the sight when navigating or lying in the seat to watch a film, you can always find a suitable position to mount it. It can also be used in many other scenes, such as tables, bookshelf, kitchens, offices, etc.

Easy to Install, Move and Remove: The installation of this vehicle phone holder is very simple, just open the box, clamp it to the car, put the phone in, done! You can easily remove it or move it to another place. It’s not like those glue sucker type holders, which can only be fixed in one position, leaving glue residue that is difficult to clean after removal.

Stable Without Shaking: It is designed with four clip feet to hold your phone firmly. The base contains a powerful spring that allows it to hold on tightly.

Detail-Oriented: All stressed parts are designed with soft pads to prevent your car and mobile phone injury. The attached number stickers can be combined into your phone number, and you can paste them on the holder if necessary.

Material: ABS
Colour: black
Suitable for mobile phones: 3-7 inch mobile phones
Applicable position: car dashboard/sun visor/rearview mirror/office computer desk,
Weight: about 188g

Package Included:
1x 360 Car Dashboard Phone Holder

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