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3in1 Multifunctional Breakfast Maker Oven

3in1 Multifunctional Breakfast Maker Oven

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This breakfast machine combines the three functions of an oven, a coffee machine and a baking tray, allowing you to make coffee, roast sausages, fried eggs and other mornings while making breakfast. The breakfast machine saves you time.

Designed for small spaces, compact design. The breakfast machine can be stored at will, and it occupies the smallest cabinet space, which is suitable for any kitchen decoration.

Ideal for university dorms, apartments, RV trips, camping and full-size kitchens. It can hide the thread and easily store it in your kitchen cabinet or drawer.

Power (W): 750W
Voltage (V): 220V
Toaster Oven Capacity (l): Less than 10 liters
Coffee Maker Power (W): 600W
Controlling Mode: Mechanical Timer Control
Toaster Oven Power (W): 750W
Frying Pan Power (W): 750W
Coffee Maker Capacity (Cup): 2 cups – 3 cups
Housing Material: Stainless steel

Package Included: 1 x 3in1 Multifunctional Breakfast Maker Oven

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