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5V Phytolamp LED Plant Light

5V Phytolamp LED Plant Light

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Are you looking for a way to grow your plants indoors? The USB Plant Grow Light is the perfect solution. This light plugs into any standard USB port and provides bright, white LED lights specially designed to promote healthy plant growth. Its compact design makes it easy to use anywhere with an available power outlet or USB port!

  • This LED grows light is perfect for indoor plant lovers. Whether you’re passionate about orchids, succulents, or tropical house plants, it’s easy to care for your plants year-round with the Angel Grow Light.
  • Indoor plants need light to grow and flourish. However, the lighting in many homes worldwide is significantly less during winter – and it is not sufficient for our plants to thrive.
  • Angel LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants are specially designed to provide the right amount and light for your indoor plants to grow and thrive.
  • There are full-spectrum led bulbs on each ring light, and its illuminance is 30% higher than that of ordinary bulbs. Full-spectrum lights can promote the growth of seedlings, control the spindle and prolong the flowering period.
  • This kind of plant growth lamp can provide all the light needed in the growth stage of plants. High-quality LED lamp beads provide intense light for plants and bring you a more extensive lighting area.
  • You can glue one end of the acrylic bracket to the hole of the lamp and the other end to the flower pot. After connecting the power supply and choosing the lighting time, your potted plants will get a lovely angel halo to accompany them to grow up.

Material: ABSBody
Material: Aluminum
Light source: LEDLuminous flux: 108.54lmLight efficiency: 53.55lm/W
Power: 2WVoltage: 5VSIZE

What’s in the Box:
1x 5V Phytolamp LED Plant Light

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