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Adjustable Anti-Theft Protection Window Lock

Adjustable Anti-Theft Protection Window Lock

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This security lock Stopper can open the sliding door window in a limited range. While protecting children, it also plays a role in ventilation and ventilation. It is made of metal in a lock body, and it is sturdy and durable, easy to install, and requires no key to operate with one hand.

Size: Window locks length: 2.4 inch, width: 1.6 inch, height: 1 inch. Packing: 4 Pieces. Color:Grey

Install: Close or open the window before installing the window stop block; insert the leg tightly into the window groove, turn the knob clockwise until the product is fixed. Use 2 locks in heavy windows/doors to increase security.

Advantage: Rubber irons and window stoppers are covered with rubber can increase friction and avoid scratching windows and noise.

Material: Iron + Rubber
Length: 2.4inch
Width: 1.6 inch
Height: 1 inch

Package Included:
1x Adjustable Anti-Theft Protection Window Lock

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