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Adjustable Height Ergonomic Laptop Stand

Adjustable Height Ergonomic Laptop Stand

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Lightweight and multifunctional, it has a rich use scenario, whether it is in the office, school, home, outdoors, or even on the road. Desks, sofas, kitchens, cars and public transportation are also places where it often appears. Adults, children, and the elderly can find its use. Make your work, study, entertainment and life more fun.

It can be used not only for portable computers and tablet computers (4-13Inches), projector floor stands but also book holder stands for reading, sheet music and cookbooks, etc. It has a special anti-page turning design. All-rounder for work, study, entertainment and home use. You can even use it to eat if you want, More functions waiting for you to unlock.


Name: Foldable Laptop Stand

Material: Aluminum alloy + plastic

Application: Laptop

What’s in the Box:

1 x Adjustable Height Ergonomic Laptop Stand

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