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Aluminum Space Ship Wireless Gaming Mouse

Aluminum Space Ship Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Elevate your gaming experience to cosmic levels with an avant-garde wireless gaming mouse that feels like it’s straight out of an interstellar journey:

Futuristic Design: Embodying the essence of a spaceship, its aluminum build ensures a sleek, aerodynamic look while offering durability.
Lag-Free Performance: Experience gaming like never before with ultra-responsive sensors ensuring every move is captured in real-time.
Ergonomic Comfort: Sculpted to perfection, this mouse fits comfortably in the palm, reducing hand fatigue during marathon gaming stints.
Easy Setup: With its plug-and-play feature, dive straight into your favorite games without the fuss of intricate setups.
Sturdy & Lightweight: The aluminum build provides strength without adding unnecessary weight, ensuring agile maneuvers across the gaming grid.

Type: 2.4Ghz Wireless
Hand Orientation: Right
DPI: 2500
Power Type: Battery
Interface Type: USB
Material: Aluminum alloy

What’s in The Box:
1x Aluminum Space Ship Wireless Gaming Mouse



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