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Breakfast Animal Pancake Non-Stick Pan

Breakfast Animal Pancake Non-Stick Pan

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This holiday pancake mold can be used for fun-shaped pancakes and a 3-inch pancake oven for pancakes. 7 kinds of pancake mood: elephant, alpaca, cat, owl, dinosaur, hippopotamus, lion.

  • The pan surface is coated with 100% PFOA-free non-stick pan coating, which has a cute healing color, not only for teenagers and children baking but also allows you to relax when turning these pancakes’ body and mind.
  • Pancake dry pot high-grade material. It is made of die-cast aluminum, about 10 inches in diameter, about 1/2 inch in height, and about 3 inches in each cavity, about 17 inches long, including silicone handle.
  • The versatility of dry pan and pan. The heavy-duty pans are suitable for gas, halogen, ceramic cooktops, stove grills; for pancakes, crepes, and pancakes.
  • The electromagnetic cooktop is not suitable for pancake pan non-stick crepe maker! Do not put it in the dishwasher, as this will shorten the life of the non-stick coating on the pan and may dull the outside of the pan.

Wok type: Non-stick
Pans Type: Griddles & Grill Pans
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Diameter: about 26cm/10.24in
Overall length: about 46cm/18.11in
Handle length: about 17cm/6.69in
Weight: about 730g

Package Included:
1x Breakfast Animal Pancake Non-Stick Pan

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