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Car Automatic Trunk Lifting Spring

Car Automatic Trunk Lifting Spring

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This spring is very practical, helping to avoid opening the car trunk by hand. The open height of the car trunk depends on the spring length. This spring comes with an adjustable design, you can adjust the length by yourself. Easy to install, Just hook it on the car trunk.


  • This product is only suitable for sedans with no hydraulic lever
  • on the tail box cover
  • Not applicable to hatchbacks/vans/SUVs with hydraulic levers
  • in the trunk lid
  • If only use Trunk Spring Lifting Device pls take care when you open the trunk .it is powerful.
  • If your trunk has Silencer cotton, use 2 pcs.If your car has no Silencer cotton or the Silencer cotton is very small, just use 1 pc.
  • When installing, please install one to test the effect, if you can open to the height of 1/2, it works great, it is not recommended to fully bounce.

Material: stainless steel
Material Type: Spring
Item Weight: 20g
Special Features: Lifting Device
Product length: 15cm
Stretching length: 24cm

Package Included: 1pcs X Spring automatic lifting device

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