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Car Outdoor Slope Measure Tool

Car Outdoor Slope Measure Tool

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With the type of free rotation, its high degree of sensitivity, offering slope and inclination. Make you a better understanding of road conditions, ensuring safety when driving. The adjustable stand can be installed in any position, as long as you can maintain a balance

  • Learn road conditions, increase road safety
  • Ergonomic design, adjustable viewing angle, meticulous workmanship
  • It can accurately display the exact degree of descent, rise
  • Details can locate left or right slope angle
  • Response the data of slope and tilt fast and accurately.
  • With a high degree of sensitivity, monitor the angles’ change at any time.
  • Fast and accurate response, easy to operate.
  • Easy and clear to read the dial.
  • Perfect for car travelers.


Upper part width: approx. 5.5cm

Height: approx. 8cm

Material: Plastic

Package Included:

1 * Angel Level Finder Tool For Car Inclinometer

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