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Cat-Inspired Weather Forecast Bottle

Cat-Inspired Weather Forecast Bottle

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This product is a weather forecast bottle that was designed by an artist whose theme was cats. The bottle is made of glass and contains water, which makes up the white part of the cat’s face. The blue section represents rain, while the red section signifies sunshine. The Cat Inspired Weather Forecast Bottle is perfect for any animal lover or anyone looking to add some kitty flair to their home decor!

• Globe shape glass contains liquid repeating the crystallization of various expressions, depending on the weather changes.

• The appearance of the liquid transforming from clear to cloudy to crystal flakes predicts whether the weather will be clear, cloudy, or filled with thunderstorms.


Theme: Animal

Style: Antique Imitation

Material: Wood+Glass+Liquid

Size: 2.75×2.75×5.51inch / 7x7x14cm

What’s in the Box:

1x Cat Inspired Weather Forecast Bottle

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