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Closet Organizer Hanging Vacuum Bag

Closet Organizer Hanging Vacuum Bag

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Release your closet and wardrobe space; save space up to 80%. They are perfect for apartment living with limited storage space or store them out-of-season clothes. A Closet Hanging Organizer Vacuum Bag is the perfect way to protect your clothes from dust, bugs, and mildew. It is easy to install in any closet with a few simple steps.

360° Rotation Hanger: With 360°rotation hanger and 2 widened hooks. Easy to fetch clothes and can store more items.

Airtight and Waterproof: Double layers zipper, airtight and waterproof, smooth stay-on clip, easy to seal.

Durable and Reusable: One-way suction air valve ensures the sealing performance and lone time storage. The valve can be fitted to both a manual air pump and an electric vacuum cleaner.

Material: Polyester
Capacity: 80ml
Use: Clothing

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