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Deer Head Modern Home Decor

Deer Head Modern Home Decor

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Home Statue Decoration Accessories 34x28x14cm Vintage Antelope Head Abstract Sculpture Room Wall Decor Resin Deer Head Statues

Product Information:
1. Deer head statue size: 34x28x14cm
2. Statue coat hanger size: 17×16.5cm, 12x10cm
3. All product material: resin
4. Deer head statue weight: about 840g
5. Statue coat hanger weight: 210g
6. Installation: hang it on the nail
7. Statue function: home room wall decoration and bedroom decor

Material: Resin
Regional Feature: Europe
Theme: Animal
Sculpture size & weight: 34x28x14cm & 840g
Packing including: 1 Deer head and 2 deer horn
Installation instruction: Put 2 deer horn into the deer head
Decoration category: Home wall decor

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