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Disposable Hair Catcher Shower Filter

Disposable Hair Catcher Shower Filter

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Disposable: No more cleaning hair. It can be discarded after use and replaced with a new one at any time, which is convenient, quick, hygienic, and clean

Adhesive: The adhesive viscosity is, the sealing is perfect, there is glue on the bottom of the entire sticker, the just-right glue will not leave glue in the place where it is attached.

Suitable for: Kitchen, bathroom, bathtub, balcony, laundry room, etc. Keep your hair from clogging and keep your home draining well.

Time Saver: A few seconds to drain clogs. Extremely easy to use.

Effective: the sink strainer, attached to the sewer entrance, can effectively the hair, paper, food , fabric, etc., after removing the floor drain sticker No need to get your hands dirty.


Feature 3: Time Saver

Feature 2: Effective

Feature 1: Disposable

What’s in the Box:

10 x Disposable Hair Catcher Shower Filter

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