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DIY Newborn Baby Footprint InkPad

DIY Newborn Baby Footprint InkPad

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A new baby is a miraculous being. They grow and develop so fast, it’s hard to keep up with them! The DIY Newborn Baby Footprint InkPad is a great commemorative gift for parents who want to record their children’s growth. With this kit, the hands of the baby don’t need to contact the ink and can obtain a clear footprint without any security risk. This product would be perfect as an addition to your newborn photo album or as a thoughtful present.


  • Size: Within the frame size 9.5*5.7cm/overall size 12.5*8cm(0-6 months baby)
  • Material: Stamp-pad ink
  • Color: 6 Colors Available
  • Quantity:1 printing oil +2 sheets of paper

Package Includes:

1 x DIY Newborn Baby Footprint InkPad

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