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Earth Gem Hexagonal Natural Stone

Earth Gem Hexagonal Natural Stone

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As unique as our planet itself, the Earth Gem Hexagonal Natural Stone is a beautiful piece of décor that celebrates the natural beauty of our world. Expertly crafted from quality, natural stone,  Earth Gem Hexagonal Natural Stone is unique and offers a one-of-a-kind look that is perfect for those who appreciate the unique beauty of our planet. The hexagonal shape of the stone is said to represent the harmony and balance of our world, while the natural colors and patterns of the stone reflect the incredible diversity of our planet.  


Material: Crystal
Sizes: 50 * 60mm – 1.97 * 2.26in
61 * 70 mm – 2.40 * 2.76in
71 * 80 mm  – 2.80 * 3.15in

Package Includes:

1x Earth Gem Hexagonal Natural Stone  

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