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Easy Cleaning Folding Manual Vacuum Cleaner Mop

Easy Cleaning Folding Manual Vacuum Cleaner Mop

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Cleaning is essential in every home. But cleaning can be difficult sometimes. You can get rid of this difficulty with Broom Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Thanks to its unique design, it does not cause pain in your back and easily removes dirt.

Excellent working performance: The manual hand-push automatic sweeper is light and quiet, can move 360 ​​degrees, and you can reach any corner of the home. It is suitable for fast and convenient cleaning work without electricity.

Applicable placement position: It is suitable for all hard surfaces such as wood, ceramic, marble. It does not abrade and does not scratch.

Multiple uses: Foldable, compact, very suitable for apartments and offices, bringing a fresh and healthy environment. Whether it is wet or dry, you can easily wipe everything: pet hair, food, crumbs, dirt, etc.

Perfect structure and quality: The shape of the handle conforms to ergonomics and is comfortable to hold. The rod is made of stainless steel, which is very reliable in quality and light in weight. Adjustable rod length can be adjusted in two stages for the elderly and children to use.

One-handed operation: You can easily do all the housework just by pushing without the need to bend over.


Tow bar material: stainless steel +PP

Terry material: PP Rag material: fine fiber

Rod length: 102cm

Color: pink, blue

Size: 102x33x16.3cm

Note: Not suitable for carpets.

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