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Flexible Window Multi-Purpose Cleaner Brush

Flexible Window Multi-Purpose Cleaner Brush

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Telescopic High-rise Window Cleaning Glass Cleaner Brush Windows Dust Brush, Suitable for glass/window cleaning. Clever U shape design great for upstairs outward window cleaning, Quick assemble, easy to reach hard-to-reach areas.

  • Flexible degree angle adjustment to suit the angle you need without lifting it off the glass.
  • Telescoping pole can be used separately for indoor window glasses; Can attach used cloth or newspaper to the sponge head with the loop, environmentally friendly recycle the old cloth newspapers.
  • Fill the sprayer with a cleaning solution and spray directly on the cloth pad.
  • Use the squeegees to remove liquid from any smooth surface.
  • Use the sponge head and the cloth cover for streak-free cleaning of windows and mirrors, with no water spills or drips on window sills, frames, carpets, and furniture.
  • Easy to operate.

Material: AS+ABS+Stainless Steel
Size:64-103cm adjustable

Note: The color of the cloth is random

Package Included:
1pc Flexible Window Multi-Purpose Cleaner Brush

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