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Invisible Smart Fingerprint Drawer Lock

Invisible Smart Fingerprint Drawer Lock

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The ultra-thin encrypted cable extends along the door seam, no need to punch holes, just stick with nail-free glue, strong stickiness and durability.


There is no need to quickly enter the fingerprint in the App, and the response is sensitive and the reading is accurate. When configuring the fingerprint, you don’t need to use the App, you can press the finger repeatedly on the fingerprint head to quickly enter.

The fingerprint recognition rate is as high as 97.5%, and 360 all-around recognition can improve the pass rate every time you use it, and the more you use it, the more flexible it is.


Low battery reminder function, emergency USB power supply. When the battery is too low, the red indicator light flashes to remind us; there is a Type-C emergency power supply interface at the bottom of the fingerprint panel, which can be temporarily powered by a mobile power supply.


Product material: ABS+PC mixed material

Fingerprint capacity: 16 pieces

Unlocking speed: 0.5s

Power supply method: 2 No. 7 alkaline batteries

Standby current: 8uA

What’s in the Box:

1 x Invisible Smart Fingerprint Drawer Lock 

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