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Kids Security Door Handle Lock

Kids Security Door Handle Lock

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The door lock has a 180-degree rotation design, and it can provide convenience for adults by pressing a button and sliding, and there is no obstacle to open the door.

Effectively prevent the baby from opening the door when not paying attention.

Prevent babies from running away or getting lost.

After it can be rotated and installed, adults can use it normally.

Suitable for all handle door locks.


Material: Plastic

Size: 120*75*50mm

Installation method:

1. Clean the surface of the required installation area.

2. Use the tape on the back to install the baby-proof rocker lock to the door.

3. Press the child safety lever lock for 10 seconds or more to enhance adhesion.

4. Press the button to lock and unlock.

What’s in the Box: 1 x Kids Security Door Handle Lock

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