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Landscape Water Circulation Floor Decoration

Landscape Water Circulation Floor Decoration

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A waterfall in your living room! The product is Landscape Water Circulation Floor Decoration. This floor decoration has a water circulation system that will make the water flow down and around. It looks like a natural waterfall with a metal 3D mountain wall, but it’s just for decoration purposes. 

Lofty mountains and flowing water: The outline of the Mountain is clear, adding the thickness of the landscape. The springs are endless, and the waterfall flows together into Baotan, which means that the wealth is rolling.

Creative rain curtain design: The waterfalls flying down makes people have a broad vision. The water conservancy is not controversial.

Light water curtain: Metal three-dimensional mountain water wall under the light, slippery without edges.

Golden Elk: Fine copper elk, meaning wealth and good luck; Mount Tai collapsed in front of the color remains unchanged.

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1 x Landscape Water Circulation Floor Decoration

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