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Laptop Gaming Turbo Boost Cooler

Laptop Gaming Turbo Boost Cooler

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The Laptop Gaming Turbo Boost Cooler is designed for gamers who want to keep their computers cool while playing games. This product is a laptop cooling pad with three fans to offer more airflow. The design of the fan blades is bladeless, which makes it safer for your laptop. It also has an adjustable height to fit different-sized laptops, and there is no need to worry about spilling water on your keyboard.
  • Size:525*85*85 mm
  • Cooling method Interface: Air-cooled USB
  • Material: Alloy + ABS plastic
  • Suitable for: Laptop, tablet, mobile phone
  • Noise value: 23—38dB
  • Rated voltage:5VDC
  • Weight:510g
  • Air volume: 34-38CFM
  • Rotating speed: 1900 – 2600PRM
Package Includes:
1 x Laptop Gaming Turbo Boost Cooler
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