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Luminous Eyes Reflective Car Stickers

Luminous Eyes Reflective Car Stickers

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This sticker can reflect any light source; it is like a “luminous body” and can reflect close to 180 degrees of light and emit a strong reflective effect, which greatly improves the safety of going out at night.

Strong Reflective: This reflective sticker is made of high-quality strong reflective material, waterproof, durable, and highly viscous, all-weather use. It is called a diamond warning sticker.

300m Reflective: The lights of vehicles at night can make these stickers more clearly visible in the dark, and the target can be found 300 meters away, and the driver can react. Parents can be more at ease, especially when children ride scooters at night.

Sticker Placement: The Whole Body
Item Diameter: 10.5cm
Item Height: 7.5cm
Item Length: 10.5cm
Category: PVC
Design: cartoon
Material Type: Carbon Fibre
Type Of Sticker: Creative Stickers

Package Included:
1x Luminous Eyes Reflective Car Sticker

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