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Magical Houseplant LED Night Light

Magical Houseplant LED Night Light

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Emitting Color

The Magical Houseplant Leaves LED Night Light is a creative way to add color and ambiance to your house. Magical Houseplant Leaves LED night light will beautifully display for you a relaxing atmosphere, romantic and joyful moments. It’s a beautiful decoration for your room! It can be used as a night light and helps create an experience that’s ambiance for any occasion. This trendy and elegant Houseplant LED Night Light makes an excellent gift for someone you care about.


Magical Houseplant Light: This LED Houseplant light can emit a variety of colors to create a comfortable atmosphere for your home. It’s great for social gatherings, movie screenings, dinner parties, date nights.

Relieve Fatigue: After a busy day, we come home and want to have a comfortable rest environment. This LED Houseplant light can help you fall asleep faster, and the soft light will make you feel very comfortable.

Professional Design: We have done countless tests on the selection of materials and LED lights to ensure that the shape and material of each leaf can achieve the best light diffusion. We have tested countless kinds of LED lights. This is not only a lamp but also a work of art.

Beauty and Function Coexist: Every prototype we built, we pushed the aesthetic and functional limits of every component forward, until we had realized our vision – a magical houseplant imbued with light.

Note: LED Houseplant is intended for indoor use. While it is fine to place the plant outside temporarily (e.g. for events) under appropriate conditions, it is not weather-resistant and should not be exposed to rain, snow, high winds, high temperatures, or high UV exposure.


Control method: programmable APP

Light color: colorful color change (programmable hundreds of different conversion modes)

Product size: height 60cm, width 14cm

Number of lamp beads: 100/300/500

APP download method: QR code on the box

Weight: 750g

Material: PVC

Color: as shown

Package Includes: 1/4 x leaf lights (5/20 leaves)

Notes: Not including basin.

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