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Magnetic Easy Cable Organizer Holder

Magnetic Easy Cable Organizer Holder

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No more messy cables on your desk and just to live a simple life with these practical magnetic cable clips. It can be used at home (on the bedside table) in the office(at the edge of the desk) inside the car (on top of the center console). Just peel and stick to fix on desks, tables, other furniture or in your car and put the magnetic button on the pedestal.

  • It is made from PVC with gorgeous color and appearance.
  • Equipped with strong double-sided adhesive, it can absorb on any flat appearance and is reusable.
  • Unique magnetic holder and clip separating design, you can easy to get the cable when needed and keep it tidy when not needed just the take the clip off of the holder.
  • Three size holes design fit for different diameter cable.

Material: PVC
Size: 90*20*3.8mm(L*W*T)
Color: Cherry wood , walnut wood

Package included:
1X Cable Organizer Holder
3X Cable Clip

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